Adam Sewell is a main character in Unfriended. He had an affair with Blaire twice, and he is an alcoholic, even though he is underage. He was portrayed by William Peltz.

Character Information Edit


Adam is a very confident and cruel person, willing to expose anyones secrets. He was always insulting or yelling at someone. His anger gets out of control a lot and he was selfish to his friends.

Biography Edit

Adam was living in Fresno, California. He had an affair with his best friend, Mitch's girlfriend Blaire twice and didn't tell him. At the party where the Laura video was filmed, Adam was there and date-raped a girl named Ashley Dane. He also gave drugs to Laura while at the party. Three days later, Laura Barns killed herself. On the anniversary of her death a year later, him and his five friends were on a Skype chat, when suddenly they notice a user Billie227 on the group, which none of them added. It starts threatening them, exposing the video Adam recorded of him and Blaire together. Val and Ken die before having to play Never Have I Ever forcefully. After playing for a bit, and having everything exposed, Blaire and Adam get papers printed out. Reluctant to show them, Mitch was furious about the cheating, so he demanded to see them or he would log off, leading to his death. Out of stress, Blaire showed hers, and Adam got possessed and had to shoot himself.

Sins Edit

-Slept with Blaire twice, behind Mitch's back

-Date-raped Ashley Dane, then forced her to get an abortion

-Attempted to trade Jess's life for his own

-Gave Laura Barns drugs at the party

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