Amaya DeSoto is a character in Unfriended: Dark Web. She is also Matias' girlfriend, as well as being deaf. She is portrayed by Stephanie Nogueras.

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Personality Edit

Amaya is a kind and funny person, from the hiking video with Matias, but she can get upset pretty easily, on the fact that Matias rather make an app to be able to understand sign language, than learn it for Amaya.

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Amaya has long dark brown hair, in various hairstyles throughout the film.

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Unfriended: D.W-Present Edit

When Matias shows off his new program to understand sign language to Amaya, via Hangouts, she gets very upset and disconnects the call, refusing to answer anymore. Later on, Matias calls her, during which he admits to being scared since the ASL instructor said that a relationship with a deaf person would be difficult, but that he wants it to work out because of how much he loves her. Touched by Matias' words, Amaya agrees to take the subway to meet him. As she is walking to the station, and on the train, they are calling each other, but Matias seems to be acting strange.

Ending 1:

not seen

Ending 2:

Subsequently, Amaya is at the location where she and Matias fell in love, trying to call Matias, confused on where he is. With him unable to call, he sends her messages, saying he is underground, but they autocorrect to "I wish I learned better sign." That happens before Matias suffocates underground in a coffin, and Amaya standing confused.

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