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Blaire Lily is the main protagonist in Unfriended, trying to survive alongside her friends after classmate Laura Barns committed suicide. A user, Billie 227 joined her Skype calling, killing all the friends slowly. She is portrayed by Shelley Hennig.



On the outside, Blaire seemed to be a normal girl, but turned out to be unloyal as her secrets started to reveal. She was greedy towards her friends and was egotistical. Out of the group, she was the most heartless, not removing the Laura video, even after the feedback.


Blaire has long brown hair, with brown eyes. She was wearing a red, light and dark grey and white flannel shirt.



Blaire was born and raised in Fresno, California along with her best friend, Laura Barns. She has always been good friends with Laura and they were known as the most popular girls in school. Although, Laura did teach her to be a rude individual. She met her boyfriend Mitch in that time. While at a party on April 9, 2013, Blaire was recording embarrassing videos of Val and Laura, while drunk. Then, the mortifying video of Laura came out and on April 12, 2013 she committed suicide, due to people bullying her because of it.


Blaire got on a Skype call with her boyfriend, Mitch on April 12, 2014, after watching the video of Laura Barns' suicide. Unknowingly, her friends joined the call, and there was a person that no one knew, Billie227. The user kept threatening them to confess who, posted the video of Laura, or someone would die. Never Have I Ever was played for awhile. Slowly, in gruesome ways, Billie227 was killing all of the friends one by one. Finally, after Mitch's death, Blaire was the only one left. Billie227 (Laura) wanted to be able to forgive Blaire, but hacks into her Facebook account, posting a clip of the video no one saw. It was the original recording, but the ending has Blaire showing herself, laughing. Blaire didn't want to confess that she posted the video that made Laura commit suicide, and her selfishness caused the deaths of all her friends. Laura creeped open Blaire's door and she jumped out at Blaire, presumably killing her.


-Posting the viral video of Laura Barns to Youtube

-Cheating on boyfriend Mitch twice with his best friend, Adam

-Lying about not posting the video, leading to everyones death, even blaming it on Mitch, causing him to stab himself in the face under Laura’s control.

-Crashing Jess' mom's car while drunk

-Posting rude messages about Laura on Youtube and Facebook, anonymously