Carter Davis is a character in Happy Death Day. His dorm room is where Tree wakes up in. He is a college student and shares a dorm with Ryan. He is portrayed by Israel Broussard.

Character Information Edit


Carter is a helpful person, and is caring, especially to Tree, but helping her when getting attacked by John Tombs. He is a little bit shy, since he didn't stand up for himself when Danielle called him a douchebag.

Biography Edit

Carter is a college student who shares a dorm room with Ryan Phan. After a party one night, he brings home a girl named Tree Gelbman. The next morning, she wakes up, asking where she is. Carter looks up at her after he laid out her clothes. Tree changes, then walks to her dorm. At lunch, Carter walked over to Tree's table, giving her bracelet back, but she says she doesn't know him. The day happens over, and over again and Tree finally tells him about what is happening to her. Carter gives an idea to kill her murderer. Carter's death happens when Tree is trying to fight John Tombs, but Carter jumps on him to save her, but Carter dies. He comes back the next day in the loop. The next day when Tree finally kills her murderer, Carter and Tree start dating.

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