Happy Death Day is about a college student name Theresa (Tree) Gelbman who gets killed on her birthday, and starts reliving the same day over and over again, in which she tries to figure out who her murderer is. It stars Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, and Ruby Modine. It was previously titled Half to Death and was produced by Blumhouse Productions.

Filming information Edit

Filming took place mostly at Loyola University in New Orleans. The other part was at a diner in Los Angeles, at the end of the movie when their filming permit was finished. The movie took at total of five weeks to complete filming, two of which in Carter's dorm room.

Alternate ending Edit

The alternate ending was supposed to be Tree in a hospital room, severely injured. When she asks the doctor for pain medications, he refused, because it could be unsafe. A nurse walks in when he leaves, shutting the curtains. She starts injecting a poison into Tree's tube, and is revealed to be Dr. Butler's wife. She says she's doing it because of her pain, from Tree dating her husband.

Sequel Edit

It was mentioned that there might possibly be a Happy Death Day 2U, talking more about why Tree got to have a time loop. If so the apparent filming time is May 2018.

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