Jess was a main character in Unfriended. She was one of the causes of Laura Barns' death, by defacing her grave and cyberbullying her after the video was posted. She was portrayed by Renee Olsteads.

Character Information Edit


Jess was foul-mouthed when someone said something rude about her, or when she was mad. Whenever something bad happened or someone died, she would either cry, or start to panic. She didn't really care what people thought, because she stole $800 from Adam.

Biography Edit

Jess isn't the biggest party girl, but she was there when the Laura situation happened. A year later, in a Skype chat on the anniversary of Laura's death, an unknown person, billie227 joins and they all thinks its a glitch. After a bit, the 'glitch' starts chatting with them and making them pay never have I ever. It is revealed that no one is as nice as thought, and that Jess defaced Laura's grave. Adam also noted that Jess made out with around 50 people. Blaire and Adam get pieces of paper printed and Mitch forces them to show it, so that leads to Adams death. They continue for a bit, but then Jess refuses to admit she defaced her grave, so the lights in her room turn off and Jess locks herself in the bathroom. Blaire hurries to get someone on Chatroulette to call the police, but is too late as on the screen it shows Jess chocking on a curling iron.

Sins Edit

-Bullying Laura

-Defacing Laura's grave

-Spreading Eating Disorder Rumors About Blaire

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