Jessabelle Laurent is the daughter of Kate Laurent and Moses and was killed when she was a baby. She is the tormented spirit that was haunting Jessie. She was portrayed by Amber Stevens.

Information Edit

Personality Edit

Jessabelle is mysterious since no one knew about her exsitence, except Kate and Moses. The police told Jessie about her when Preston sent in the skull from Jessabelle's grave. She is also evil by haunting Jessie just for revenge, even though Jessie did nothing to her. Jessabelle was tormenting Jessie to take over her soul to be a person again.

Looks Edit

Jessabelle has long, dirty black hair with brown eyes. She is wearing a long strapless dress. Her skin and clothes are all full of dirt.

Family Edit

Kate Laurent Edit

She is Jessabelle's deceased mother. Jessabelle was Kate's first child and Kate loved her. The day that Jessabelle was killed, Moses and Kate knew they had to adopt a baby to cover up the fact that Jessabelle passed away. Jessabelle and Kate were working what it seems like together to kill and get revenge on Jessie.

Moses Edit

He is Jessabelle's deceased father. Not much is known about him, but he did meet Kate at a church. Since Jessie was an 'unwanted presence' Moses and Kate push Jessie into a lake strapped to her wheelchair where like they wanted, Jessabelle can enter Jessie's soul.

Jessie Laurent Edit

Jessie is her adoptive sister and a so called 'unwanted presence'. She was adopted to cover up the crimes of Jessabelle's death. Jessie is a threat to Jessabelle and she tries to get her revenge and enter Jessie's body to be living again. It all works and Jessabelle kisses Jessie's forehead before leaving her to die.

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