Jessabelle "Jessie" Laurent is the main protagonist in Jessabelle. She returns to her childhood home to recuperate from a car accident and encounters a long-tormented spirit that refuses to let her escape. She was portrayed by Sarah Snook.

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Personality Edit

Jessie gets paranoid or scared very easily after encountering the spirit that haunts her. She is friendly to people around her, but most see her as crazy, including herself. When her father and Preston told her not to watch the tapes of her mother, she does it anyways, as she is curious since she's never met her mother. When she finds out she should help the spirit, aka her sister, she gets brave enough to scream out to it.

Looks Edit

Jessabelle has orange hair that goes a bit past her shoulders and bright blue eyes. For most of the film, she wears low cut flower dresses.

Family Edit

Leon Laurent Edit

He is Jessabelle's father. After her mother passed away, Leon gave Jessie up to her aunt. They meet each other again when Jessie gets in a car accident and he is the only person that can pick her up. His house was very dirty, and there were secret tapes he hid from Jessabelle. While he set some of the tapes on fire, Jessie watched her dad burn to death in the cabin, unable to get out.

Kate Laurent Edit

She is Jessabelle's deceased mother. Jessie never got to meet her, except when she was a baby. When Jessie found all of her mom's tapes in Leon's house, she was so happy she finally got to 'see' her mother. Throughout the film, she discovers that she was adopted just to cover up the fact that Kate and Moses' real daughter Jessabelle was killed. Kate and Moses at the end kill Jessabelle by throwing her in the ocean stuck to her wheelchair for revenge.

Jessabelle Laurent Edit

This is the real Jessabelle, daughter of Kate and Moses that got killed. After she passed as a baby, she was quickly replaced by Jessabelle to cover the fact that the real Jessabelle was dead. She waited many years until Jessie finally had to go to the house Kate died in to posses Jessie and get her revenge. Slowly, Jessabelle started to take over Jessie. At the end, when Jessie got thrown in the ocean by Kate and Moses, Jessabelle took Jessie's bracelet and took over her soul.

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