Kaylie Russell is the main protagonist in Oculus alongside her brother Tim. She suspects their antique mirror is behind the tragedy that killed their parents. Kaylie and Tim set off an experiment to try to prove it was the mirror. She was portrayed by Karen Gillan and Annalise Basso as younger Kaylie.

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Personality Edit

Kaylie is a very curious and determined person, trying to find out and prove how their antique mirror was the cause to how her parents died. She gets hallucinations because of the mirror's hauntings, making her paranoid. She struggled to be brave, but always had it in her while hiding from her hallucinations.

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Kaylie has long orange hair and was wearing a casual red tee-shirt and some jeans.

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Younger Edit

Ever since Kaylie and her family moved into their new house and her mom, Marie bought an antique mirror, they were all strangely being haunted. One night, her mother got possessed and was chasing Kaylie and Tim upstairs with a knife. It is later shown that Marie tried to strangle Kaylie, before stopping and being shot three times by Alan. With her mom dead, their dad has been very secretive and while Kaylie and Tim were in his office, he tried to strangle Kaylie while possessed. He was stopped by Tim hitting a gun out of his hand and Alan making Tim shoot it. Alan died and Tim went to a mental institution while Kaylie went to foster.

Present Edit

When Tim got out of the mental institution, Kaylie set out a plan to get the mirror, go back to the house their parents died in and try an expiriment. She put camera's everywhere and recorded herself trying to prove the mirror was haunted. It proved to be haunted in the eyes of Kaylie and Tim but no one else could see it. After many occurrences, while Tim and Kaylie were trying to escape, Kaylie was standing in front of the mirror, while Tim couldn't see her and thought it was the perfect chance to use the swinging blade and destroy the mirror. Once it swung, he came back to normal and saw it in Kaylie's back, killing her. Kaylie died and proof on video tapes showed it happened and Tim got arrested.

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