Ken Smith is one main character in Unfriended. He is good at computers, and helped get rid of the glitch. He was portrayed by Jacob Wysocki.

Character Information Edit


Ken in a very laid back person, but can be rude to people when they are rude to him. He seems to be pretty smart in computers, since her got rid of Billie227 for a while. For most of the film, he stayed out of the drama, but only was rude behind peoples backs.

Biography Edit

Ken was born and raised in Fresno, California. He was there while the viral Laura Barns video was being recorded. Ken cyberbullyed her a bit on Facebook. She committed suicide three days later. A year later on the anniversary him and his friends all got on a Skype chat before a user Billie227 joined. Blaire figures out that it is Laura's account and they all get confused. After Val calls the police, she gets killed and Ken sends everyone a download to permanently get rid of Laura's account. It works, but somehow the account gets back on, but the camera appears in Ken's room, just stalking him. Ken stands up, and walks towards it with a scared look on his face. The camera cuts to black but then shows Ken shoving his hand in a working blender, then slamming his neck into it.

Sins Edit

-Cyberbullying Laura Barns

-Saying Laura deserved to be bullied

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