Laura Barns is the villain and main character in Unfriended. After a viral video was posted of her, she shot herself in the head and died. A year later, she comes back as a spirit for revenge under the name 'Billie227'. She was portrayed by Heather Sossaman.

Character Information Edit


Not much is known about her, but Laura was known to be rude, and a bully at school while she was still alive. Though she has changed, by after the embarrassing video was posted of her, she apologized to people for bullying them and asked them to take it down. then as were asked, Blaire refused.

Biography Edit

Laura went to high school in Fresno, California and was popular and a bully, along with best friend at the time Blaire Lily. While at a party, someone recorded a video of her drunk, and with faeces from being drugged. It went viral, and she started getting bullied and death threats. Three days later, another video of her was posted, but it was of her shooting herself.

A year later, while Blaire, Jess, Val, Mitch, Adam and Ken were on a Skype call, Laura starts getting revenge and exposing all of them, trying to find out who posted the video of her. Killing them one by one in violent ways. Finally until the end with just her and Blaire, she hacks into Blaire's Facebook account, posting the full video, revealing Blaire as the one recording it. Laura then creeks the door open to Blaire's room and jumping out at her, presumably killing her.


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