Lori is a character in Happy Death Day. She is Tree's roommate and she is the Babyface Killer that keeps killing Tree. She is portrayed by Ruby Modine

Character Information Edit


Lori seems to be a caring, and loving roommate that is just normally dealing with Tree's attitude. In reality, she is a very jealous and fake person. She pretends to be caring, but she is truly evil.

Biography Edit

Lori has a job as a nurse, but is also a normal college student. She had a crush on a teacher, Gregory Butler, but he kept choosing her roommate Tree Gelbman, over her. That made Lori very jealous and angry. She pretends to be caring to Tree, but she hates her. Lori set up a plan that on Tree's birthday to kill her. Lori stalked her, and found out her birthday and all her information. September 18, 2017 on Tree's birthday she comes home from someones dorm, and Lori gives Tree a poisoned cupcake. She doesn't eat it, so Lori has to try killing her a different way, while Tree is walking to her surprise party. Lori stabs Tree in the head, but Tree goes into a loop until Tree finds who the killer is and kills them. After 10 days, Tree finally finds out that the killer was Lori and they start physically fighting each other, and Lori locks the door. Tree finally stuffs the cupcake in Lori's mouth and throws her out the window.

Crimes Edit

-Poisoning a cupcake and trying to get Tree to eat it

-Killing Tree 10 times (In loop)

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