Marie Russell is a villain in Oculus and is husband to Alan Russell. She is also the mother to Kaylie and Timothy Russell. She is portrayed by Katee Sackhoff.

Information Edit

Personality Edit

Marie had a very jealous personality towards her cheating husband, getting possessed by the mirror and attacking her kids out of anger. Once, she was a very loving mother and wife. She got possessed, and turned evil, trying to kill anyone that came in the room she was in. Even trying to lure Kaylie and Tim into the mirror and scaring them as hallucinations.

Looks Edit

Marie has short orange hair is normally wearing long dresses, or in one scene wearing a red spaghetti strap shirt and jeans.

Victims Edit

Marie has tried to kill her husband, Alan, and she has also tried to kill Kaylie by strangling her and not letting go. She tried to lure young Kaylie into the mirror, and even older Kaylie by creating a hallucination of her opening for a hug.

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