Marisol Chavez is the main villain behind the mirror in Oculus. She uses the mirror to traumatize Alan, Marie, Kaylie and Tim. She was the mirror's last victim besides the Russell's. She is portrayed by Kate Siegel.

Information Edit

Personality Edit

Marisol is an evil spirit trapped inside the Lasser Glass. She is looking for revenge for her death the whole film, killing almost all of the Russell's for that reason. The other ghosts and her are all just looking to be evil, and careless.

Looks Edit

Marisol has long black hair that goes down to her hips, a black flower crown, pale skin, a long white dress with some blood on it and her possessed sparkling eyes.

Biography Edit

1975 Edit

Marisol had the mirror in her bedroom where she was being haunted. She dies from hemorrhaging from a miscarriage in her bedroom where the mirror was hanging. She had pulled out all her teeth with a pair of pliers and put them in a plastic bag.

Present Edit

Marisol goes on to continuing haunting the Russell's even 11 years after killing Alan and Marie Russell. She succeeds, changing reality, making Tim not see Kaylie and in an attempt to kill the Lesser Glass, killing Kaylie instead.

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