Markie is one main character in Truth or Dare. Before going on spring break to Mexico, she convinced best friend Olivia to come with them. She was portrayed by Violett Beane.

Character Information[edit | edit source]


Markie is very tough, but gets upset easier, because of her dad's passing. She isn't really loyal to her boyfriend Lucas, since she's constantly cheating on him. Markie is one of the most mature of the group, saying it's a bad idea to follow Carter. Also, she is caring because when she was dared to break Olivia's hand, she was reluctant to, even though earlier she said she would.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Markie is was a normal college student with her best friend Olivia and boyfriend Lucas. She seemed to be really close with her dad, until one day he took his life, which permanently scared her. She was constantly cheating on Lucas, and she only told Olivia that. Later, when her and her friends were about to go to Rosarito, Mexico for spring break, she asks Olivia if she wants to come, but declines. It is then revealed that Markie unsigned her up for her nature club. When they are in Mexico, they have fun until Olivia meets Carter and they follow him to go play truth or dare. Ever since, the game has followed them home, killing them one by one. Markie and Olivia end up being the only two survivors, since Lucas killed Carter before himself. The only way to stop the curse was for Olivia to get some new victims via her Youtube channel, posting a video asking 'truth or dare.'

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