"Why are you doing this. Why..." ― Matias' last words to loss all friends. Before hit her and run her from large van driven by Charon.
"Amaya, where are you...! Amaya, where are you..! Amaya..." ― Matias' last words to Amaya. After effort messages to Amaya. After buried alive by Charon, and later he died suffocating by coffin.

Matias is the main protagonist in Unfriended: Dark Web. He took a laptop that has been at his work for weeks, only to discover all of the hidden files and disturbing videos. He is the last to die, and is portrayed by Colin Woodell.

Information Edit

Personality Edit

Being a victim in "The Game"

Looks Edit

Death by hackers by "The Game"

Life Edit

Before Unfriended Edit

Matias stole a laptop from a cyber cafe that has been sitting in the lost in found for three weeks, to work on Papaya, a program that Matias created to help Amaya to understand him without sign language.

During Unfriended Edit

After Matias logs on, he quickly changes all the accounts from Norah C. IV, to his own. Shortly after, on a Skype call, him and his friends all play Cards Against Humanity, until Matias finds The River.

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