Mitch Roussel is one main character in Unfriended and is the boyfriend of Blaire Lily. He was accused by Blaire of posting the Laura video, but it is unknown if it is true. He is portrayed by Moses Jacob Storm.

Character Information Edit

Personality Edit

Mitch is definitely the most mature and innocent of them all, almost always trying to calm everyone down. He is also very loyal to his girlfriend Blaire, even though she cheated on him twice. Mitch has a bad temper, when he found out Blaire cheated on him with Adam.

Biography Edit

Mitch was a normal high school student living in Fresno, California. He is not a trouble, unlike his best friend Adam who gave drugs to Laura Barns on the same night the viral video was posted of her. Laura then killed herself and a year later on the anniversary, he entered a Skype chat with his friends. A user known by Billie227 joins the chat and everyone thinks its a glitch. Mitch private messages Blaire and sends her a website about not answering messages from the dead. It is then showed that it is Laura Barns' account. All of them start dying one by one in gruesome ways. After, they play never have I ever, and Mitch finds out Blaire cheating on him twice with Adam, he becomes really angry. Blaire and Adam get papers printed out and Mitch demands to see him, or he would log off leading to his death. Blaire shows hers out of stress and Adam gets possessed and shoots himself. Ashamed, Mitch sits in the corner and Blaire and Jess cry. After Jess dies, Blaire blames Mitch for posting the video, so he headbuts into a knife.

Sins Edit

-Posting the Laura video (Told by Blaire)

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