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Penelope is a main character in Truth or Dare. She is known to be a fun, but borderline alcoholic by the group. She portrayed by Sophia Ali.

Character Information[]


Penelope is a kind, friendly person who drinks a lot when nervous, or just whenever. When doing a dare, she gets more scared then everyone else. She is loving and caring to other people, especially her boyfriend Tyson.


Not much is known about Penelope. She has a boyfriend named Tyson and they went to the same college as the group. For their last spring break before leaving college, they go to Rosarito, Mexico. Her and everyone else have a lot of fun on their vacation, on the beach and in the sunny weather. Until the last night, they found a bar and Penelope and Tyson got drunk and started dancing for hours. Olivia meets someone named Carter and they all follow him to a church building, even though Penelope is worried. They have fun playing truth or dare, but when Penelope asks Carter, he gives them a creepy answer, then runs off. The game starts haunting them, killing Ronnie and Tyson before its her time to go. Penelope was dared to walk around the edge of the house roof while drinking, until she finishes the bottle. Markie sees her on the roof, crying and they all go outside. Lucas goes on the roof to try to catch Penelope If she falls, and the rest hold a mattress. Penelope gets to a corner of the house and there is a fence, so Olivia has to crash her car into it so Penelope lives.


While meeting up with Giselle, after having some questions answered, she asks which one of them is Olivia. They ask how they know her name, so Giselle pulls out a gun, only to shoot Penelope instead. Since she failed at killing the right person Giselle was forced to kill herself. Olivia held Penelope, but she passed away already.