Stephanie is the main protagonist in Stephanie, who tries to survive while being haunted by an unknown force all alone with no parents. She is portrayed by Shree Crooks.

Information Edit

Personality Edit

Stephanie is always silly with her turtle and likes to have tea parties with all of her stuffed animals. However, she is still paranoid whenever she hears even a tiny little noise, because of her house being haunted by an evil entity. She likes to go and explore where the noises are coming from at some parts, but other times she runs and hides, which she personally thinks she is really good at.

Looks Edit

Stephanie has short light blonde hair and bright, icy blue eyes. She wears a lot of vintage flower dresses, but if she isn't she is wearing bright graphic tees and jeans.

Powers Edit

She had no idea, but Stephanie got consumed by the powerful entity before her parents abandoned her. All this time, she was hiding from herself, not knowing it was her.

Telekinesis Edit

Stephanie has developed telekinesis powers and has proved it by lifting both of her parents in the air. She slammed her dad into a glass door in one scene. Also, she lifted her mother in the air and choked her/cracked her bones.

Blowing stuff up with mind Edit

All of the houses in Stephanie's neighbourhood, including hers, blew up because she used her powers from the entity to do it.

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