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Tree Gelbman is the main character in Happy Death Day and is portrayed by Jessica Rothe. She is a college student, and lives in a sorority house.

Character Information[]


Tree was a very rude person, as she multiple times doesn't care for Carter's existents. She was not caring for anyone or anything, particularly how she treated everyone. Self absorbed was another word to describe Tree. She also seems to be much of a party girl, since at the start of the movie she had a hangover.

During the movie, she starts to realize she was a jerk to people, and becomes much more kind and accepting. She stood up for Becky with the whole chocolate milk situation with Danielle. It also shows that she is brave and doesn't give up.


She died a total of 10 times in the loop by the baby mask killer. The first time, she got stabbed in the head while walking to her birthday party. Second time, she actually made it to the house, but when she went upstairs, the babyface was waiting for her, so she got stabbed in the head with a bong. The third day, she locked herself in her room in attempt to hide, but babyface was in there with her, and stabbed her in the chest. Fourth day, while peeping in on Tim, she got stabbed. On the fifth day, she got drowned in a fountain. Day six, she got in a fight with Danielle, and they both went tumbling on the road, to get hit by a bus. After accidentally killing Becky, on the seventh time the babyface hit her in the head with a baseball bat. On day eight, she got burnt alive in a cop car, after being arrested for 'drunk driving'. The ninth time, she committed suicide after Carter died saving her from John Tombs. Finally day ten, she died in her sleep by eating the poison cupcake.