Val Rommel is one of the main characters in Unfriended. Everyone though she was pranking them with the billie227 account so they asked her to join the call. She is portrayed by Courtney Halverson.

Character Information[edit | edit source]


Val lived in Fresno, California and was apparently known by Blaire to have seizures when she was younger. She was at the same party as Laura and was fighting her while Laura was taunting her. She was known to drink a lot, and smoke underage.

One year later after Laura's death, the group gets messages from a user by the name Billie227. Everyone thinks its Val, so she joins the call. Everyone starts to get in a huge fight (Especially Val and Billie), so Val calls the police, saying its a threat. Before the police get to arrive to her house, she gets possessed and is forced to drink bleach and could have been forced to slit her wrists, because of the broken mirror.

Sins[edit | edit source]

-Fighting Laura at a party

-Telling Laura to kill herself when she was apologizing

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